Walk of Shame

September 10

I never realized that painful stories from human rights victims can be traumatic as well. I have subconsciously evaded remembering, but dark days require that I remember them. For the sake of all those heroes and martyrs who took a stand against evil. I will write about your stories, every day until we never forget.


An old man came to my desk. He held his affidavit of human rights violation and handed it over to me. He used to be a member of the local legislative body (i cannot recall what it is called). When martial law was imposed, he was one of the few political figures in his hometown to resist such imposition. He was vocal about the supremacy of his civil and political rights. He was arrested. Then together with a few more people, they were made to walk around town, with a placard on his body…(i forgot what was on it…).

Cruel and inhumane punishment is a Human Rights Violation.

#NeverAgainToMartialLaw #neverforget #MLChronicles