Dream Again: When it is never too late to begin again…

Dear friends,

I took advantage of the Incredibulk offer of OMF last month. It turned out that among my stash are some John Maxwell books!

I am sure many of you knows about him. If you haven’t, let me introduce the author.

John Maxwell is a well-written and published author of leadership books. If you are like me searching for ways to better improve your lot, then this is a great opportunity to come and join me in my quest for “Dreaming Again….when it is never too late to begin again!”

I convinced my friend, Alonita S. Doctor (a.k.a Nites), to facilitate a learners circle (a.k.a Mastermind Group) on one of John Maxwell’s book entitled, “Put your Dream to the Test.” I think this is an exciting time to dream again with friends, given the great reset covid brought into our lives. So, I am inviting you to be part of this cirque. I hope you get to see it the same way I do.

Here is my proposal. We plan to hold 4 sessions of 3 hours min. per session; and if possible, the final session will be a meet-up (we will do our best to observe covid health protocols).

The objective is to finish the 4 sessions this whole months of July to August (subject to our availability). The other three sessions will be online; either we do it by Zoom or MS Teams. As for the time slot, we are looking into Sunday; and a week day, depending on the availability of those who will signify their intent to join. Lastly, we will hold an on-boarding session to get us prepared for the succeeding sessions. I will keep you posted in the contact details you have provided in the registration form.

The registration dates run from July 13 until July 22. The on-boarding session is tentatively set on July 25 (time, TBA).

How much will it cost? We plan to offer nites a lovegift… as our appreciation for her generosity in helping us facilitate this =).  She is a certified John Maxwell trainer, so it is just right we return her generosity with something. I hope you agree with me. Your cash donations may be coursed to her account directly. I will provide the information once you signify your intent to join the group.

If you are still undecided, just let me know. For those who are into YES and a MAYBE, I will create an fb group for this purpose so we can easily coordinate the preparations. We can also migrate social media platforms for privacy.

There are workbooks included in the session, which you may print on your own, or I can print for you at a cost (we can also ship to you). We plan to bind it too, for easier work 😉

Alright, this seems to be a long letter now.

I am only inviting my friends. So, consider this some sort of a online party of some sort 😉

If you have questions, let me know. I will also give you a call, to chit-chat and make kulit!

I am Excited to online-bond with you this August!

For those who are interested and those who are still undecided, kindly register here. I will notify you of the schedule of our on-boarding session to give you an idea of what this learner’s cirque is all about.

I really hope to see you in this event dearies =)

Warm hugs!